Video: Porsche driver robbed in broad daylight in Delhi

There are many kinds of road scammers in India who operate independently. One of the most famous road scamming gangs was the “Thak Thak Gang” which used to rob car occupants of money and valuables. A recent incident has surfaced from Delhi where a guy robs a Porsche driver off his phone.

What exactly happened?

The whole incident was recorded by a dashboard camera. The incident took place on a busy road near AIIMS hospital on 2nd August. The Porsche was stuck in traffic and was in the right most lane and was waiting for the traffic signal to turn green.

According to the post done the brother of the victim, a guy walked past his vehicle pretending to be busy with his own phone. But he was checking out the valuables inside all the cars stuck at the signal. As the signal turned green, the Porsche started moving slowly, and the driver heard a loud thud sound from the rear of his car.

The guy who was pretending to look in his phone came back and started knocking the left-side window of the victim’s car and asked him to roll down the window. When the driver asked him what is the problem, the scammer said: “Can’t you see how you are driving?” At that comment, the scammer’s partner knocked on the driver-side window. The driver looked towards his right – and the scammer quickly lifted the phone lying on the passenger seat and left the spot.

This is one the most common ways of scamming people and robbing them of their valuables. Such scam gangs target people driving alone.

The victim later registered a FIR at the Hauz Khas police station, but the cops have not apprehended the criminals till now.

What to do in such situations?

Such incidents are one of the most common ways to scam people in India. Here is how you can avoid such situations.

  • If you’re sure that you have not hit anyone, do not entertain any such people.
  • If you are sure its a scammer, shout back at the scammer from inside the safety of the car. They vanish instantly, as they do not want to spend time there as it increases the chances of others recognising what they are doing.
  • Never open the window, if the person insists, open slightly so you can hear each other.
  • The person is not letting you go from the spot, immediately call the cops on the spot.
  • Never get out of the vehicle leaving your valuables inside.
  • Always keep an eye on suspicious jaywalkers on the road.


Shantonil Nag

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