[Video] Retired army officer takes on drunk cops in Haryana, India

A retired army officer took on a couple of drunk cops somewhere in Haryana. The cops had set up a checking outpost, stopping other motorists to check documents.  When questioned for being drunk on duty, the cops offer the army officer a bribe. A cop is also seen thrusting a five hundred rupee note into the camera held by the army officer, and is seen asking him to go away. Here, watch it for yourself.

And it’s not just one police officer offering the retired army man a bribe but multiple cops trying to bribe the army man. In fact, one more cop walks out of the patrol car – a Chevrolet Tavera bearing registration number HR 67 0014 – and asks the army man about ‘how much bribe he wants‘.

Driving drunk is an offence that can lead to the cancellation of the driver’s license. It can also invite a jail term. Insurance – both for the vehicle as well for the third party – is not valid when the driver is drunk and gets involved in an accident. It’s truly horrifying to see police officers, who are responsible for upholding the law, breaking the law with such impunity. We hope that the authorities take cognisance of this video, and act against the errant. Exemplary punishment to such errant officers will act as a deterrent.

Such cops pose a grave risk to other road users as both of them – the driver as well as the passenger cop – were punch drunk, and simply drove away from the scene. The video shows the cop in the passenger seat not even able to walk in a straight line, and was seen hobbling when asked to stand in attention, and do an about turn. The number of police officers being caught drunk on duty seems to be increasing in India. This is a serious issue that needs immediate intervention from the authorities concerned.