Video review: Chevrolet Cruze LT

Chevrolet launched the Cruze sedan in India back in October 2009. Even in the third year of its existence, the Cruze continues to be one of the most popular entry level sedans in the country.

The Cruze is available in three variants in the price range of Rs. 11.8 lakh to 14.4 lakh for the top trim variant.


In terms of appearance the Cruze is an aggressive and masculine looking car which has ample road presence. It’s traditional Chevy grille too is bold and gives the front of the car some character. The side profiles are smooth and elegant, remind you of the premium positioning of the car. The rear too is sporty and compliments the overall design of the car.

Ride and Handling

The Cruze with its 1,991 cc engine, 148 bhp of power and 327 Nm of torque is the most powerful entry level diesel sedan in the country. That said, it is also a complete drivers car and is fun to drive. It moves effortlessly and the gears slot into place smoothly. The steering is precise and will not disappoint you, which coupled with an effective suspension setup gives you great handling.

For more about the Cruze, take a look at our video review.