[Video] Royal Enfield Bullet 500 vs KTM Duke 200 in a tug-of-war: Who’s BOSS?

The Royal Enfield Bullet is known as a torque-monster, for it produces a lot of torque at low rpms, just off idle. Equipped with a heavy crank specifically for big low end torque, the Bullet 350/500 is a motorcycle that can chug along in top-gear at well under 60 Kph. This immense low end torque is also a reason why the Bullet is a standard fixture of tug of war contests against other motorcycles. Here’s an example.

Video sourced on Youtube

As you can in the video, the KTM Duke 200, whose 200cc, liquid cooled engine produces 25 Bhp of peak power and 19.8 Nm of peak torque, is not an even match for the Royal Enfield Bullet 500, in a tug-of-war contest. And only in a tug-of-war contest, for the KTM Duke can wallop the Bullet 500 not only in the straight line, but also around corners.

The Duke 200 is a dynamically superior bike, but all that doesn’t matter in a tug-of-war contest, where torque is all that counts. In such contests, the Bullet 500 scores and scores big. It is powered by a 500cc, four stroke, air cooled engine with 27.2 Bhp and 41.3 Nm, with most torque available at just 3,500 rpm, compared to the Duke making its torque at 8,000 rpm.

Then, the other factor here is the sheer weight of the Royal Enfield, which keeps it planted, and offers more traction, especially on a slippery surface. However, such tug-of-war contests between motorcycles do not suggest anything. One bike beating the other at a tug-of-war can depend on a number of factors like weight, power, tyre condition, throttle open position and so on. If anything, it just makes for entertainment, and little else.

Meanwhile, such contests can cause a lot of damage to the engines of the motorcycles involved. The clutch usually will be the first part to get damaged. Repeated stunts like this can also seize the engine in extreme cases. In other words, if you want a reliable motorcycle, stay away from such stunts. Such stunts done without wearing protective gear can also cause serious injuries. This video is testament, where the KTM Duke 200 rider is thrown off his motorcycle, and nearly crushed by it. We hope you clearly understand the risks such stunts entail.