[video] Royal Enfield Bullet vs KTM RC, Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha RX100, Hero Karizma & more

Royal Enfields have always been at the centre of most motorcycle talk in India. Often, the torque that a Royal Enfield generates at low rpms becomes a hot topic. Here is a video that shows the tug of war between Royal Enfields and various other motorcycles such as the KTM RC, Yamaha RX100, Hero Karizma and more.

The tug of war between automobiles does not suggest anything. One bike beating the other at a tug-of-war can depend on a number of factors like weight, power, tyre condition, throttle open position and so on. The Royal Enfield, which boasts of high low-end torque can be seen pulling the other bikes in most of the cases but there are a few cases where the riders on other motorcycles can be seen opening the throttle quickly. The open throttle helps them put out more power and torque and in some cases pulling the Royal Enfield motorcycle towards them.

The motorcycles featured here are Bullet, Hero Karizma, Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache, Yamaha RX100, KTM RC 200. Yamaha R15, and Suzuki Gixxer SF. In many cases, due to the lightweight of the other bikes, the front wheel comes off the surface, whereas the Royal Enfield wheel sticks to the ground due to the enormous weight. Many riders can be seen with pillion to increase the weight and in turn, increase the traction too.

Such tug of wars can do irreversible damage to the engine of the bikes. The clutch usually will be the first part to get damaged. It can also seize the engine in some cases. Yes, this video can be seen as a good fun video but in no case can the power or torque of Royal Enfield be measured with the other bikes through this video. There are just too many variables involved including traction and rider skill.

Enjoy the video but do not try this at home.