[VIDEO] Royal Enfield Classic Redditch Red with ‘remote-starting’ security system is MEGA cool

Modern-day technological advancements have made life much easier than it used to be a decade back. In the automotive sector itself, the vehicles have started driving by itself while motorcycles have started to balance themselves. While cars have become much more tech-laden, affordable motorcycles are yet to reach the same level of sophistication. However, the video below may change your view.

This video from Pune, Maharashtra, India shows a red coloured Royal Enfield Redditch bike with wireless remote. The bike owner shows that the bike can be locked or unlocked through a remote. While the bike is locked, it also makes warning noises if someone touches it. The video demonstrated that after locking the bike, a kid touched the seat and the bike started the warning alarm.

The features in the remote include lock, unlock and even start the bike. The bike can also be started through the remote itself and then, it can it turned off too. It is an aftermarket accessory available for most of the motorcycles in India and prices start from as low as Rs. 800 online. However, installing this aftermarket accessory will require electrical modifications and the warranty can be voided too.

The after-market accessory connects to the ignition of the bike and operates the starter through the electric starter motor of the motorcycle. It should be noted that pressing the lock button on the remote will not engage the handle lock of the bike and it will have to be done manually. Also, the gear lever needs to be in the neutral position for the engine start to work from the remote itself.

While it looks quite fancy, it will put additional load on the battery. Many new age motorcycles do not get a kick-start and a complete drainage of the battery will mean tough times for the rider.

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