[Video] Royal Enfield motorcycle ‘Vibrations’; Someone finally has a solution

Paul Carberry – the man who builds V-Twins based on Royal Enfield engines, has come up with a solution for vibrations that most if not all Royal Enfield motorcycle riders face. He has built a device called the ‘Vibration Reducing Plate’. This plate needs to be fitted inside the crankcase of the engine. It is designed to stabilize the crankshaft, therefore reducing vibrations caused by the uneven distribution of load on the crankshaft. This device will fit only the 350cc, 500cc and 535cc unit construction engines used by bikes such as the Bullet 350, 500, Classic, Desert Storm and Continental GT. It can’t be fitted to cast iron and AVL engines that older Royal Enfields use.

Here is a video that shows the fitment of this vibration reducing plate.

The various benefits of this plate includes,

1. Stabilisation of the uneven distribution of mass around the axis.
2. No flex on the crankshaft, and therefore no backlash between the pinion and cam wheel on any angle of rotation.
3. Minimising the vibrations of motorcycle between speed of 60- 110 kmph.
4. Increased life of bearings.
5. Reduced cam wheel wear and noise

In other words, not only will vibration of the Unit Construction Engine reduce due to this plate, even cam backlash that produces the irritating tak-tak ‘tappet noise’ from the engine will reduce or even be totally eliminated. These are benefits a lot of Royal Enfield riders may want on their motorcycles.

Carberry Motorcycles has priced the plate at Rs. 3,000. You can buy it here. Due to high demand, Carberry has run out of stock in just days of this product’s launch in India. People who are interested in buying this vibration reducing plate can send an email to Carberry and get into the queue. People who exchange their old crankshaft plates will get Rs. 400 discount on their fresh order.