Video shows how a Suzuki Jimny is modified to look like a mini G-Wagen SUV

Maruti Suzuki recently unveiled the Jimny 5-door in Indian market. This is different from the international version which only come in a 3-door format. The SUV has been on sale internationally for few years and it is quite popular too. It is so popular that in many countries, Jimny has a long waiting period and in order to meet the demand, Suzuki had started manufacturing Jimny in India for export purposes. There are several modification options available for Jimny and one of the most common one is converting Jimny to look like Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. Here we have a video that shows how a Jimny is converted to look like a mini G-Wagen.

The video has been uploaded by Car Kid on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows Suzuki Jimny (3-door version) that has been completely modified to look like a G-Wagen. In this video, the vlogger can be heard saying that the base variant of Suzuki Jimny costs around 50,000 AED and the cost of conversion is around 55,000 AED. Which makes this conversion or modification more expensive than the cost of the car itself. He explains what all panels were replaced in the SUV for this project.

He even shares a video clip where workers are seen working on this conversion. The stock bumper, grille, headlamps, fenders and the bonnet are all removed from the front. Once this is removed, a metal clip or plate is attached to the frame of the car to install the fender. The fender is installed first. This is done in a chronological manner to ensure there are no issues with the kit. After the fender, the headlamp cover is installed and after this, the bumper is installed. Minor fabrications are done to the frame to make sure that the new panels sit perfectly. After installing all these panels, the front grille is installed and for the bonnet, the original lock on the Jimny is taken and fixed on the new bonnet.

Video shows how a Suzuki Jimny is modified to look like a mini G-Wagen SUV

With the installation of the bonnet, the front look of the Mini G-Wagen is complete. Coming to the side profile, the wheel arches have a wider cladding than regular Jimny. The stock 15 inch alloy wheels have also been replaced with G-wagen-style blacked-out alloy wheels. A running board has been installed on the SUV to complete the G-Wagen look. There are gloss black moulding that runs across the side profile of the Jimny just like seen on a G-Wagen. The stock exhaust has been redesigned and it now comes with a G-Wagen-style exhaust tip on the side.

At the rear, the SUV gets G-Wagen style LED tail lamps on the new bumper. The spare wheel cover has also been replaced. The owner of this SUV has not replaced Suzuki badges and moniker with Mercedes or Brabus logo. The interior of this Jimny has also been completely customised. It gets an white coloured custom made leather upholstery with black inserts. The seats are designed to look just like the one seen in G-Wagens. The door pads and dashboard has also been customised. This is a beautiful looking SUV and the vlogger mentions that the panels used in this modification are al custom-made. The finished product does look like a mini Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.