Video shows what happens in a Police Interceptor vehicle that nabs speeding vehicles

Across India, police officers have become a lot more vigilant. Traffic police and RTOs keep a track on vehicles on road to make sure that there are less number of violations. To make sure that rules are being followed, they are offered several equipment as well. One such equipment which is now commonly spotted on highways are interceptors vehicles who mainly keep a check on speed of the vehicles. Normally, people slow down whenever they spot a speed camera or an interceptor. Here we have a video that shows what actually happens inside an Interceptor vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by sansCARi sumit on his YouTube channel. In this video vloggers talks to a senior police officer about al the things or factor that lead to a fine. The officer mentions that they, normally  do speed checks on road where there are speed limits. For example in the video, the Interceptor was parked on the side of a National Highway where the speed limit was 80 kmph. They were mainly looking for cars which is speeding over the mentioned limit.

The officer mentions that normally they give a relaxation of 5-10 kmph speed over the mentioned limit. When asked about it, the officer says that at times, the driver does not realise how fast he is going or even may be because he had pressed the accelerator slightly more than usual, the speed increases by 5 or 10 kmph. So if a vehicle is doing 85 kmph or below 90 kmph on a road with 80 kmph speed limit, the interceptor won’t fine your vehicle. He mentions that this limit above the prescribed speed limit that they are offering is decided by the officers themselves. This means it is not uniform and it is always a good idea to follow the speed limit.

The officer then shows how they challan vehicles for overspeeding. There is a radar gun camera placed at the rear of the police Interceptor. One officer monitors vehicles passing through the road on the camera. The camera display can see vehicles in range between 200 meter to 600 meters. The display shows speed, geographical location and other details of the car.

Video shows what happens in a Police Interceptor vehicle that nabs speeding vehicles

Once the officer has found an offender, the camera clicks the picture and instantly prints it out. The same is stored in their system as well. They do not stop any of the vehicles as it may lead to accidents on a highway. After the picture is taken, the details regarding the vehicle owner are pulled out and a message is sent to the owner of the car instantly.

The officer mentions that, the camera not only tracks overspeeding cars. The camera can also take action if you are on a two wheeler without helmet, driving a car without wearing seat belt or may be talking on phone while driving or riding. The quality of the camera is pretty clear. The officer sums up by saying that, one must always follow the rules and must wear safety gear while riding a two wheeler and wear seat belt while driving. There is a possibility that the speedometer of you car or motorcycle might have an error and is not showing the correct speed. In order to avoid such fines, it is always  good idea to drive the vehicle under the speed limits.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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