[Video] Two girls on scooter fall under lorry; Escape thanks to driver

Distracted riding/driving is extremely dangerous. A lot of accidents are caused because of this, and a lot of lives are lost on Indian roads each year. Here’s a live example of how and why distracted driving kills so many people in India.

As the video indicates, there’s a truck – moving relatively slowly – in what looks like a highway intersection someplace in Tamil Nadu. Two women on an automatic scooter stray directly into the path of the truck. From the video, it appears that the woman riding the scooter is so distracted that she doesn’t even register the truck’s presence behind her.

It’s the pillion rider who spots the truck at the last minute but not before the rider absent minded-ly brushes against the truck, losing balance in the process. Both the rider and pillion fall in between the front and rear wheels of the truck. The alert truck driver brakes on time, saving both women from being run over by the truck’s rear wheels. Passers-by immediately pull the women from under the truck, and whisk them away to safety.

Such accidents are very common on Indian roads, and in many cases, it’s the fault of the smaller vehicle. Both two wheeler riders and pedestrians are known to cross highways with little or no concern to oncoming traffic. A vehicle as large and as heavy as a truck needs time to come to a complete stop. Even a hit at 10-20 Kph can prove fatal for the pedestrians/two wheeler riders considering the immense momentum that a moving heavy vehicle carries.

While on the road, avoid all distractions. This can range from talking on the mobile phone, texting, or even staring at billboards and gawking at other people/road users. Any form of distraction while riding/driving can easily precipitate into an accident, often with tragic consequences.