[Video] Ultimate example of dangerous riding by villager on highway

Encountering stupid riders on Indian highways is almost like expecting the sun to rise in the morning. Here is stupidity taken to an all-new level. And guess what, this is very close to the spot the KTM rider got tied to a tree and thrashed by villagers for allegedly crashing into, and killing a little girl.

As the video indicates, a Youtuber who’s recorded the events unfolding is riding a Yamaha FZ16 at well over the speed limit. An idiot rider on a commuter motorcycle, which seems to be a Honda Unicorn, is nonchalantly riding on the wrong side of the highway, in this case the National Highway 7 that connects Bangalore and Hyderabad.

It’s not uncommon for both cars and two wheelers to maintain speeds in excess of 100 Kph on this highway. We can only shudder to think what would have happened had the idiot rider collided against oncoming traffic that includes a Maruti Swift Dzire he narrowly misses hitting.

Many villagers on motorcycles and mopeds often take the wrong side of the highway to avoid riding longer for a U-Turn. While most such rule-breakers ride on the shoulder of the road, some – like the one in this video – are brazen and stupid.

If you’re a biker living in India, here are 5 commandments to survive highways.

  1. The villager/local is always right, even when she/he does extremely stupid, dangerous things on the road. Keep an eye out for such characters. And never get into a rage on the road.
  2. Always stay alert, 100 % alert. Anything can happen, and you must expect the unexpected. This makes riding tedious but that’s how it will be until fellow road users get civilized enough to share it amicably.
  3. Speed limits may be boring but can save lives. If you want to ride for long and without loss of life of limb, obeying the speed limit is the easiest way to do so.
  4. Invest in safety equipment, both for yourself as well as the motorcycle you’re riding. If this means buying a bike with ABS as standard, go ahead, and spend that extra few thousands. It’ll pay you back many times over.
  5. Don’t ride like the idiots you see on many Youtube channels, who consider public roads as their private racetracks.