[Video] Watch Gautam Singhania tear up Mumbai roads in his Mclaren 720S supercar

Gautam Singhania, the MD of Raymond – a clothing major – is also known to be a massive car enthusiast. Ferraris to Lamborghinis, the man has it all, and even competes in the Ferrari cup. His latest acquisition is the Mclaren 720S, a car on Dubai plates, that he’s imported into India through the CARNET route. Here’s Mr. Singhania tearing up Mumbai roads in his Mclaren 720S. You can see him whizzing past other cars at what looks like a high speed on Mumbai’s Worli sealink. The man, his car and his escort Mahindra Scorpio with bodyguards in tow, was caught on video recently.

Now, remember that despite what the Youtuber says, we really have no way of estimating the speed of the car. Dashcams and most action cameras have wide-angle lenses which exaggerate the sense of distance and speed, and may make it look like the car was driving faster than it is. Secondly, what you are seeing might be the instant acceleration and not any high speeds.

The Mclaren 720S is the British supercar marque’s fastest, latest car, and is not on sale in India. The only way to have one is to import it privately. The car is powered by a 4 liter V8 twin turbo petrol engine that makes  710 Bhp and 770 Nm. It can blast past the standstill to 100 Kph mark in just 2.8 seconds, just to put things into perspective.Top speed? Well in excess of 300 Kph.

Meanwhile, Mr. Singhania is the only the second person in India to have imported this car through the CARNET route. The other such Mclaren 720S is owned by another supercar enthusiast in Bangalore, Ranjit Sundaramurthy. The one that Mr. Singhania owns is a launch edition, of which only 400 units would be built. This makes his car quite special. The car is available in three trims – normal, luxury and performance.

The top-end performance trim consists of an exterior carbon fibre pack with air intakes on the hood, wing mirrors and rear air intakes.Then there’s the meteor grey front splitter, front air intakes and rear diffuser. The window surrounds get a Satin graphite finish while the engine is ambient lit. Alcantara and Nappa leather upholstery add plushness to the interiors while Zircon silver and brushed iridium brightwork make for nice contrast. There are carbon fiber bits on the interior as well.