[Video] Watch these bikers avoid getting challaned for helmet-less riding – Do not try this!

Motorists in India and the police play a cat and mouse game in most parts of the country. Cops often hide behind trees, and at blind intersections, waiting to catch and fine errant motorists. In Goa though, bikers pulled a fast one on that state’s cops, who lay in wait to challan riders not wearing helmets. And everything was caught on video.

As the Facebook video shows, un-helmeted scooter and motorcycle riders simply stopped before the intersection where cops were waiting to fine them. Instead of riding through the intersection without helmets, these riders pushed their two wheelers across the checkpoint, and then after going some distance, jumped onto their two wheelers and rode off. The cops couldn’t do much except to be stunned by the unique method used to break the law, and get away with it.

The logic here was that cops couldn’t catch un-helmeted two wheeler riders merely pushing their rides. This stunt may not work with cops of other states though, what with them not hesitating to use force against people disobeying the law.

While it looks hilarious, it’s a stupid thing to do!

Helmets save lives. Two wheeler riders are very susceptible to losing balance and falling off their rides. During such falls, the only thing that protects two wheeler riders from head injuries is the crash helmet. No wearing one while riding a two wheeler can result in serious head injuries, brain damage and even death, in case of crashes.

While picking a helmet, it’s important to choose one that fits snug yet comfortably. Also, buying a high quality helmet that’s ISI certified is important as local crash helmets are often weak and unable to withstand the severe stresses that occur during crashes. Even internationally certified crash helmets that have the DOT and ECE marks are acceptable.