[Video] What actually happens in after an accident in India

Here’s some dark humour that shows what really happens after an accident in India. A lot of you will relate with this, for you may have even faced something like this, or may know someone who’s faced something like this.

While this video is in jest, there have been multiple cases of people mugging accident victims. And this is just one kind of trauma a lot of people have to deal with, especially after accidents. The other involves mobs, people who’ll gang up and thrash people involved in an accident, usually the one that has the bigger vehicle. This is also a reason why people just leave accident victims on the roads, and try to save their skins. The crucial time that’s lost is often the difference between life and death.

Another danger after an accident is to leave the vehicle unattended on the highway. Belongings present in the vehicle are usually stolen. So, if you ever have to leave a crashed vehicle behind, make sure that nothing valuable is left in the car. Also, get the vehicle towed to the nearest service center as even vehicle parts can be stolen from accident sites. This is another reason why you must opt for a roadside assistance package while buying car insurance.