[Video] What’s the 3 second rule, and why every car driver/bike rider must follow it

A lot of accidents on roads are caused by lack of time and distance for the vehicle’s brakes to function properly. If you’re too close to the vehicle ahead of you, you simply cannot brake on time, and this usually results in a nasty, rear-ending. And in many cases, such rear-ending accidents lead to injuries or even death. Obviously, a damaged car is guaranteed. But a simple, 3 second rule can help you avoid rear-ending a vehicle. This video explains how.

As the video explains, if you’re in a heavier car such as an SUV, you need to give yourself an additional second or two as the braking distance of such vehicles are longer. The same applies to wet roads as well. This is another reason why you need to cut speed while driving on wet roads, as braking times and distances are significantly longer in the wet. If you’re a two wheeler rider on a highway, it’s safest to have a 5 second gap between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you, especially at highway speeds. This is because it’s very easy to get into a skid while on a two wheeler.

This 3 second rule is also a reminder for you to purchase an ABS equipped car or two wheeler if you already don’t have one. ABS not only avoid skidding while braking hard, but it also helps reduce braking distance greatly in the wet. However, do remember that having ABS in your vehicle isn’t a license for you to not follow the 3 second rule. ABS is a safety booster, not a safety guarantee.

Another thing to remember is the fact that heavier vehicles take longer to stop. If you are on a highway driving with a lot of heavier vehicles following you, make sure that you brake gradually wherever possible, so as to give the heavier vehicle’s driver enough time to come to a safe stop behind you. This is another factor a lot of people overlook, often with disastrous consequences.