[VIDEO] Woman being rescued from drowning Honda Jazz in Bangalore floods

Floods and cars don’t go together, especially in India where most cars are small hatchbacks. A Honda Jazz hatchback owner found this out first hand, when she got trapped in her drowning car after water levels rose during the Bangalore floods. The terrified woman was rescued by onlookers, some of them said to be personnel of the Bangalore police, but not before she had some really scary moments. Here’s a video of her ordeal.

As the video indicates, certain parts of Bangalore were flooded on Friday following torrential rains. The Bangalore-Mysore road stretch near Nayandahalli metro station, being a low lying area just next to the Vrushabavati valley (Bangalore’s waste water sink), was particularly hard hit. The Honda Jazz which the rescued woman was driving got stuck in the flood waters. As waters rose, the car started floating dangerously, leaving the woman trapped.

A bunch of brave onlookers rushed to her rescue and managed to free her from the car and bring her out. From the video, it appears as though the woman panicked after the car started floating in water deeper than waist-high, preventing her from opening the door and walking out to safety. All in all, a tragedy was prevented, even as 5 people lost their lives in other parts of the city in rain related incidents.

Cars can turn into death traps during floods

It’s very easy for cars to first start floating in waist high water, and then sink as water level rises. If you find yourself in such a situation, get out of the car. Don’t worry about the car in such situations as your life is more precious. If the car’s central locking jams the doors, use the seat’s head rest to break open the glass and escape to safety. Here’s a video that’ll show you how exactly this is done.

Via TheNewsMinute