[Video] Yamaha R15 & Hyundai i20 weave in and out of traffic: Here’s the result

Weaving in and out of traffic is the stupidest thing anyone can do. While most people get away with such antics on Indian roads, others aren’t as lucky. Here’s a video that shows a Yamaha R15 dangerously weaving in and out of traffic, and it’s not long before a Hyundai i20 Elite joins in the action. What happens next is stunning.

In this case, the Yamaha R15 rider got away with minor injuries, in a crash that could have easily been fatal had he been run over by oncoming vehicles. This crash reaffirms why wearing a helmet can save a life. However, even a helmet can’t do much if the rider is rash, stupid or both.

Coming to the Hyundai i20 Elite driver, he is equally to blame. The video clearly shows the car driver changing lanes without indication, and at high-speed. Had the Yamaha R15 rider suffered serious injuries or maybe even died, the Hyundai i20 Elite driver would have been behind bars by now.

If you’re in a car, be doubly cautious while changing lanes as India is a country that has a significantly higher two wheeler population. Often two wheeler riders squeeze through gaps left by car drivers, and are usually hard to spot. As a driver of a heavier vehicle, the onus is on the car driver to scan both sides of his car before changing lanes.

Finally, while the Bajaj Pulsar 220 rider who recorded the whole incident on his helmet-cam was a good samaritan only trying to help, he could also have gotten into a sticky situation as the right-most lane of the road has the fastest traffic. Parking in such a lane poses a grave risk to the rider as a fast four wheeler may not be able to stop in time, especially where there are curved involved.