Vijay Mallya’s Range Rover, Maybach 62, Ferrari, MINI Cooper to be AUCTIONED: UK Court

Vijay Mallya, who is currently residing in the UK is facing tough times in the country. His case is currently being heard in a UK court and as per the directives, 6 of his high-end cars will be auctioned. The money from the auction will be used to pay off the Rs. 10,000 crore that he owes to a number of Indian banks.

Vijay Mallya’s Range Rover, Maybach 62, Ferrari, MINI Cooper to be AUCTIONED: UK Court

The order was passed y Justice Cockerill at the London High Court. He has given the liberty to sell Vijay Mallya’s 2016 MINI Cooper, 2012 Maybach 62, 2006 Ferrari F430, and a Porsche Cayenne. Few of his cars have customised number plates, which are available at a premium price in the UK. The Maybach 62 gets the ‘VJM1’ number plate while the Ferrari gets ‘BO55 VJM’. His Range Rover shows off the registration number ‘F1 VJM’ showing his tie-up with the Formula 1. His Porsche Cayenne gets the ‘OO07 VJM’ number plate referring to the Jame Bond movies.

Cockerill said that the combined value of all the six cars is not less than £404,000, which translates into around Rs. 4 crores. The London HC has also given permission to the enforcement officers to enter two of the Mallya’s homes in the UK and search and take control of his belongings. The judgement came after Mallya lost the car in the HC against the Bengaluru Debt Recovery Tribunal.

Earlier, Vijay Mallya’s cars in India were auctioned by the government to recover money. As many as 30 cars in India were sold after seizing them from Mallya’s property. Cars including a Ferrari, Rolls Royce Royce and Maserati were sold in India. It is not known when the auction will take place but it is expected to happen soon in the UK.

Vijay Mallya lives a lavish lifestyle and drives around in expensive cars. Even in the UK, he was spotted using the Maybach 62 to reach an event where the Indian cricketers were present. During his regular court hearings, Vijay Mallya uses his all-black Land Rover Range Rover. The 62-year old liquor baron once owned Kingfisher airlines and the Force One Formula 1 team.


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