Villagers damage Mahindra XUV500 with tractor after it hits a buffalo [Video]

Even though hundreds of kilometres of expressways and highways are getting added to the Indian road network each year, there is still a lack of sensitisation about using highways among common people. We often get to see accidents involving stray animals on the highways. However, similar accidents also happen with domesticated animals and it can definitely turn ugly. Here is what happened when a Mahindra XUV500 hit a buffalo calf.

According to the video, the Mahindra XUV500 had hit the buffalo when it suddenly jumped in front of the car on the highway. Soon, the villagers gathered around the car and started abusing the passenger in the vehicle. They even got big rocks and wanted to damage the car. The car owner, however, remained calm and called the cops as soon as the accident happened.

Since the police was taking time to arrive, the villagers wanted to settle the matter and wanted the driver to pay the full amount of a buffalo that can cost a several thousand rupees. One of them even got a tractor and reversed into the car, further damaging the vehicle.

Villagers damage Mahindra XUV500 with tractor after it hits a buffalo [Video]

When the police arrived on the spot, they blamed the villagers for letting a domisticated animal on the public road. They also registered a case against the villagers and took them to the nearest police station.

What to do in such situations?

One should always remain calm if you find yourself in such a situation. Always call the highway authorities or the police if you hit a cattle and villagers surround you. Try to calm down the situation as the villagers will always be stronger in numbers and can do more harm. Keeping the situation under control until the cops arrive is the best solution that you can have in such situations. Also, add a dashboard camera to your vehicle. It can record such incidents that you can show to the local authorities or the villagers to condense down the situation.

Stray and domesticated cattle pose a significant problem on numerous highways in India, and unfortunately, not much has been done to address this issue and clear them from the roads. Several years ago, authorities in Uttar Pradesh attempted a solution by attaching high reflective tapes to the horns of stray cattle to enhance their visibility at night. However, no further steps have been taken to eliminate this road hazard thus far.

Driving defensively and exercising caution is crucial when navigating Indian roads, particularly when attempting to overtake. It is essential to thoroughly assess the road ahead and ensure its safety before making any overtaking maneuvers. Numerous documented incidents in the past have demonstrated the severe consequences of reckless overtaking, particularly on the highly unpredictable roads of India.

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