Villagers force Police Inspector to FINE himself for not wearing a helmet [Video]

This the fifth week of the new MV Act, which was adopted by many states and union territories in India. While Delhi has reported that the number of rule violators has gone down considerably after the new system is in place, there are many who have reported bizarre incidents, especially after getting involved with the police officers and other senior government officials of high ranks. Here is one such incident from Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where the cop was forced to issue a challan to himself.

The video is made by villagers of Kiwada Village, Rae Bareilly after a police inspector stopped a biker and issued a fine to him for not wearing a helmet. It can be seen in the video that the villagers are screaming after surrounding the police officers at a roadside. The incident happened after the police inspector alongside a constable was stopping vehicles for a regular paper checking in the vicinity. The duo then issued a fine to a rider who was without a helmet. According to the video, the cops issued a fine of Rs 5,000 to the rider.

Following the fine, the villagers gathered around the police officers and started arguing with them. After confronting them about the fine, the villagers asked about their helmets. Even though the cops were not riding at the moment, the villagers demanded to check for the helmet. After the cops failed to show the helmet, the villagers then forced the cops to issue a challan to themselves. In the video, it can be seen that the police inspector is issuing a challan to himself. The challan of Rs 5,000 value can be seen in the video itself. The inspector even ticks the pre-mentioned fine of not wearing the helmet.

Villagers force Police Inspector to FINE himself for not wearing a helmet [Video]

The video, which was made by the villagers has now become viral on the Internet. The local police station is currently going through the video and trying to ascertain the specific details. The video also mentions that the local police station has started the process of prosecuting the villagers on the spot for interfering in the duty of a police officer. It is not known if the cop will have to pay the fine or what actions the villagers will face.

Nonetheless, it is one of many incidents that happen against the cops. Earlier, an ARTO, who was on official duty in his official vehicle was stopped by the locals because he was not wearing a seatbelt and then forced a cop to issue a fine to him. It should be noted that according to the new MV Act, the police officials and the government officials can receive twice the fine amount than the regular civilians. This was done to ensure that no government official take advantage of their positions and break the laws.