Villagers Steal An Entire Road! This Is How It Happened [Video]

Bihar villager steal entire road

We are all aware that, although things are changing, India still lacks good-quality roads in small towns and villages. Most of the time, we can blame the government for not making roads in these small towns and villages. However, recently, a case has come up where it was not the fault of the state government for not paving better roads. Rather, the fault was of the people of an entire village. Yes, you heard it right. A case from a village in Bihar has come forward where the villagers completely stole the freshly laid concrete from a road. They basically stole the entire road.

Villagers Steal the Entire Road

The video of this astonishing case has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Indian Tech Guide on their profile. In the video, the presenter shows a clip and then explains that this case is from Jahanabad, Bihar’s Makhdumpur village. What happened was the villagers stole an entire road from their village. The creator then elaborated that these villagers were seen stealing the freshly poured concrete for the construction of a new road in their village. It was stated that these people were stealing this mixture of concrete to build their house.

What’s the Point of Doing This?

Villagers Steal An Entire Road! This Is How It Happened [Video]

Most likely, every person who will see this clip will have the same question: what’s the point of stealing concrete? Now there is no exact reason for people doing this except for greed and illiteracy. These people fail to understand that roads are being created for their betterment, and it’s public property. Stealing the concrete poured for roads is a moral as well as civil violation. Now whether any inquiry has been started on this case has not been reported as of yet.

Not the First Instance

This is not the first time that such an instance has taken place in Bihar. Last year in April, a gang of thieves stole a 50-year-old, 500-tonne iron bridge in Bihar’s Rohtas district. The bridge, located in Amiyawar village, was no longer in use and deemed unsafe. Following this, posing as officials from the Irrigation Department, the thieves, with the help of locals and department officials, used gas cutters and earthmover machines over three days to dismantle the structure and make off with the scrap metal. The theft was discovered by villagers, who reported it to local officials, leading to the filing of an FIR by the Water Resources Department.

Villagers Steal An Entire Road! This Is How It Happened [Video]

It was then reported that following an investigation by local police, eight individuals were apprehended, including a Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) from the Water Resources Department. The stolen iron channels, weighing 247 kgs, along with other materials, were recovered. The police also seized a JCB earthmover, gas cutters, and Rs. 3,100 from the culprits. The SDO and the RJD block president allegedly received Rs. 10,000 to cover up the incident, revealing a shocking collusion between officials and criminals.