This Vintage car is actually a modified Maruti Gypsy

India is one of the fastest growing market for car manufacturers and that is one of the reason why we have more and more new brands entering the country. Just like in any other country, we also have a taste for modifying vehicles and also collecting classic vintage cars. We have seen couple of collectors who love restoring and maintaining vintage cars. Here we have a uniquely modified Maruti Gypsy in an unusual avatar. This Maruti Gypsy gets a unique treatment and is modified to look like a classic vintage car.

The images have been shared by Adv Anuroop Singh Kundi via Facebook. From the looks of it it is very hard to tell that this vintage car had started in life as a Maruti Gypsy. A lot of work and time has gone into this project and looks good too. The donor vehicle for this project as mentioned above is a Gypsy. It is basically a military disposal vehicle which was during an auction. Earlier in many articles we have seen many modified Mahindra Thar’s and other SUVs coming from the state of Punjab. The case of this vintage car is also no different, as this was made in Goraya city in Punjab’s Jalandhar.

Starting with the front, the car gets a huge chrome grille that is similar to the one found in some old cars. The bumper has all been redesigned and now gets the chrome treatment there as well. The stock headlights of Gypsy have been replaced with two round shaped lights. The whole body work has been redone make it more like a vintage car.

The wheel arches are huge and the bonnet is much longer. It is designed as a four seater and is an open roof vehicle and can easily seat four. The interiors and the dashboard is all redone which gives it a more classic car look with premium interiors. This modified Gypsy gets regular tyres and alloy wheels and at the rear there is a boot and the rear bumper is also gets the chrome treatment. The car looks good and the work done on this Gypsy is commendable. The total cost of converting a Gypsy into this vintage car replica was approximately 10 lakh and the time took to complete this project was around 6 months. We have another interesting car that’s based on the Tata Nano. Keep an eye on this space for that.