Watch a vintage Jeep outperform Mahindra Scorpio [Video]

Off-roading culture in India is still at its early stages but there are quite a few enthusiasts who spend weekends testing their vehicle’s capabilities. There are many who take off-roading seriously and even use extremely modified vehicles for such sessions. Here is a group doing off-roading in West Bengal and the video uploaded by Sumitro shows various off-road spec SUVs doing the same obstacle. The video shows how a vintage Willy’s Jeep dominates the obstacle compared the other modern-day SUVs.

The video shows a steep climb and a tabletop spot which looks easy but is quite tricky. Since the angle of the climb is quite steep, it will require the vehicle to have a higher approach angle. A vehicle with a higher approach angle ensures that the front bumper does not come in the way while starting to get on the climb. The second major challenge in this obstacle is the tabletop. Getting on the tabletop requires knowledge of breakover angler. SUVs with shorter wheelbase have better breakover angle, which ensures that the vehicle does not gets beached while getting on a tabletop or crossing a peak.

The first to go on the obstacle was a vintage Willy’s Jeep who got on the climb and then the tabletop without any problem whatsoever. In fact, he made the obstacle look like no challenge. The difficulty level of the obstacle showed when the Mahindra Scorpio did its first attempt. Since the driver went on the climb without any momentum, the vehicle gets stuck at the top due to the lower breakover angle. The Scorpio driver tried the challenge again at a higher speed and crossed it after hitting the bottom of the vehicle. This is why underbody protection is so necessary and important in the off-road spec vehicles. If an off-roader driver knows the vehicle well-enough, it becomes easier to chart out a route around the obstacle and climb on the challenges easily.

Watch a vintage Jeep outperform Mahindra Scorpio [Video]

Next vehicle to take the challenge was a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy hardtop. The modified SUV can be seen climbing the obstacle easily. Again, Gypsy has a shorter wheelbase, which is why it is so popular among the off-road enthusiasts and rally drivers in India.

Even a Mahindra Bolero 4X4 took the challenge without any drama and reached the top in one attempt. Bolero has a higher ground clearance that increases the breakover angle. The video even shows the Bolero coming down from the opposite side, which shows that it has a good departure angle too.