Video Of Recklessly Driven Toyota Fortuner Goes Viral: Cops Seize SUV

Fortuner seized for reckless driving

Reckless driving is a menace on our roads in India. We have come across several instances where this irresponsible behavior by motorists has caused accidents. In most cases, people have even lost their lives. Lately, we have been seeing a new trend among youngsters where they not only drive recklessly and break rules but also create content out of it and post the videos on social media.


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They usually do this to please their followers and gain attention and fame on social media platforms. Here we have one such incident from Delhi where a video of a recklessly driven Fortuner had gone viral. Delhi Police came across the video and has already seized the SUV.

The video has been shared by Times Now on their Instagram page. The incident took place in Rajouri Garden on Najafgarh Road. In the video, we see a white-colored current-generation Toyota Fortuner with no registration plate being driven recklessly on the road. The driver even opens the door and drives the car in a dangerous manner.

We see the SUV narrowly missing other cars on the road. The SUV even has a beacon light and police siren, terrorizing other road users. The Residents Welfare Association – Rajouri Garden informed the cops about this Fortuner doing stunts on the public road. The video of the Fortuner had gone viral already. We can even see that the driver was doing stunts at night and in one shot we see a couple of police officers on the roadside as well.

Video Of Recklessly Driven Toyota Fortuner Goes Viral: Cops Seize SUV
Fortuner seized for reckless driving

Even after spotting the cops, it looks like the driver didn’t stop. After receiving the complaint, the Delhi Police started an investigation. As mentioned above, the SUV was being driven without a registration number, and the driver had intentionally done this to avoid getting in trouble. However, the police department managed to trace the details and the vehicle using CCTV cameras installed in different parts of the city.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (west) Vichitra Veer said, “The police started investigating after a complaint was filed on February 27. Even though they tried to hide the SUV’s identity by removing the number plate, we found it through CCTV footage.” As per the reports, police have already seized the SUV, and an FIR has been registered under Section 279 of IPC. While the cops managed to seize the vehicle, the person driving the car is yet to be caught.

The comment section under this video shows how people are irritated with people driving in such a dangerous manner. One user wrote, “This Court Should Order To Crush This Vehicle Beyond Repair, Else He Will Crush Many On The Road, Both People And Vehicle.” The owner or the driver of the Toyota Fortuner was not just putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other road users.

The road was relatively empty as seen in the video but that doesn’t give you the right to do such stunts on a public road. As mentioned above, public roads are for everyone, and this is not a place to do such stunts. The chances of him crashing the Fortuner into the median or another vehicle were pretty high.

Thankfully, nothing like that happened. If you really want to do such stunts, you can take your car to a private track or property where the risk of crashing your vehicle into another person or car is less. It should be noted that the usage of police sirens and beacon lights on private cars is also illegal.