Viral video of dog sitting on top of moving car in Bengaluru leaves internet users furious

Social media is a part of everyones life now. Almost every day, we come across a viral video on our mobile phones or computer screen. While some of these videos leave a smile on our face, others make people furious. People even take pictures and video of other on the road who are seen violating any rules so that authorities can take action against them. Here we have one such incident where a video of a dog sitting on the roof of a moving car has started a debate on the internet.

The video has been shared by Forever Bengaluru on their Twitter page. The video was posted on this page a few days ago but, it is not clear when this incident actually happened. It is quite possible that the page might have shared an old video. The video has however gone viral and internet users are furious about the same. In this video, Ford Ikon sedan is seen moving through the road with a dog standing on the roof of it. The car is not being driven at high speed. The video was recorded by a person travelling in another car. The video does show the dog on the roof and after few seconds, it simply sits on the same spot.

The dog does have a collar however it is not clear if the dog belongs to the person driving the car or someone else. There is only one person inside the car. We are also not sure whether the person driving the car is aware that there is a dog sitting on the roof of his car. Over seventy-one thousand people have viewed the video already and most of them are not happy with it. The exact reason why the dog is sitting on top of the moving car is still not clear.

Viral video of dog sitting on top of moving car in Bengaluru leaves internet users furious

One of the user who came across this video said, “Car number is viable. Person has to be warned by the police. @BlrCityPolice He is putting the dogs life in danger.” Most of them asked Bengaluru Police to take action against the driver. Another user commented, “People who do not know how to treat pets should be banned from having them. I am so disturbed to see this; the poor animal would be terrified . Would he dare do this to his son or daughter?.” 

This is not the first time, we have come across an incident like this. There have been incidents were people have dragged pets with cars and even carried pets on a two-wheeler. There have been several incidents where dogs can be seen balancing themselves on the pillion seat on the bike. In this case the dog is seen on top of a car. It is equally dangerous as sitting on the pillion seat of a two-wheeler. The roof of the car is made metal and dogs cannot find grip on such surfaces. The chances of dog falling on the road and injuring itself is there. It might also jump from the roof of the moving car, if it gets scared.

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