Virat Kohli wanted to buy his first car with IPL money, says U-19 Coach

In an interview with Indian Express, Dav Whatmore revealed that Virat Kohli wanted to buy his first car using the money that he got from the Indian Premier League. During that time, Virat Kohli was selected by Royal Challengers Bangalore to play IPL. Whatmore was the team’s coach for the 2008 Youth World Cup Dav which is an Under 19 cricket cup and Virat was the captain of the team.

Virat Kohli wanted to buy his first car with IPL money, says U-19 Coach

Dav Whatmore wrote, “He always wanted to win the U-19 World Cup, as if nothing else would satisfy him; it happened around the time of the first Indian Premier League auction and there was a lot of talk, amongst the boys, about the possibility of some of them being picked. He told some of his teammates that he wanted to buy his first car with the money he got from the league and bought one soon after that,”

Virat’s first car was Audi R8

Virat Kohli’s first car was an Audi R8. He bought the sports car in 2012 but it is unlikely that the famous cricketer waited for 4 years to buy his first car. Virat was spotted in the R8 on many occasions. In 2016, Audi launched the new generation of R8 so Virat bought that one and sold the old model.

Having said that the old Audi R8 now is left to rot in a remote area of Maharashtra. What happened was Virat sold the R8 through a broker to a guy named Sagar Thakkar. Sagar is also known as “Shaggy”, he bought the sportscar for his girlfriend by paying Rs. 2.5 Crores.

Later on, Sagar was arrested by police for a big scam regarding a call centre. All of his assets and cars were seized by police and Sagar went into hiding. The R8 was parked at Mumbai Police’s impound ground which is an open area. Then Mumbai floods happened and the car was spotted floating in the water. So, the R8 was completely damaged.

Virat Kohli’s garage

Virat Kohli can be considered an automotive enthusiast. Moreover, he is also the brand ambassador of Audi India. So, it is not a surprise that he owns a lot of Audi cars. He has the Q7 SUV and the A8L luxury saloon. The list of sports cars is also quite long. He has an RS5, RS6 and an R8. Moreover, there is also an Audi R8 LMX which is quite special because it had a limited production run. Virat also recently got a couple of electric cars. He has an Audi e-Tron GT and Audi RS e-Tron.

His garage also includes a Bentley Flying Spur, Land Rover Range Rover Vogue and a Bentley Continental GT. These vehicles belong more to the luxury segment than sports cars. One Bentley is parked at his home in Delhi while the other one is in Mumbai. He now uses the Bentleys the most because they are just more practical and comfortable than his other sports cars.