Virat Kohli’s first Audi R8 supercar now lying abandoned in Maharashtra

The Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is a major car enthusiast and is also a brand ambassador of Audi India for a long time now. With every new car launch from Audi India, Virat Kohli almost always gets the car. When Audi India launched the new R8, Virat Kohli sold the older model he was using. The car is now lying gathering dust and dirt somewhere in Maharashtra. Why? Well, we’ll tell you.

Audi R8 2

This is a 2012 Audi R8 is Virat’s first. He sold it in 2016 through a broker to Sagar Thakkar, who was later involved in a scam. Sagar Thakkar, who is also known as Shaggy. He bought the car to gift it to his girlfriend. Sagar Thakkar was involved in a mega scam and was arrested by Mumbai Police. He went into hiding after the call centre scam was unearthed. Mumbai Police raided his properties and seized the Audi R8.

Kohli Audi R8 2

This is the reason why everyone should ensure proper documentation after selling their vehicle. The name change on the registration certificate is quite important when selling a vehicle so that you do not get involved in any such cases.

Kohli Audi R8

Sagar Thakkar bought the car for about Rs 2.5 crore and it was seized within 2 months. This vehicle has been parked in a Mumbai Police groud and during the flood, the vehicle was affected too. Several reports suggest that this Audi R8 got drowned in floodwater and it floated from one end of the ground to other. That is why it looks so battered and broken. Virat has been pictured with the very same Audi R8 on several occasions and he used to love driving this car around. Virat was a regular at the BIC with the R8 and also gave it to Chris Gayle when the West Indies team came to India for a tournament.

Virat now owns an Audi R8 LMX. Apart from that, he also owns several other luxury cars and SUVs from Audi including a Q7, RS5, A8L, RS6, S5 and many more. Viral has also bought a couple of Bentley sedans that are located in Mumbai and Delhi. He drives both the vehicles whenever he is in the town. Since he stays in Mumbai, he drives in the Bentley with his wife Anushka Sharma.

There are many such vehicles that are seized by the cops or the customs officials. These vehicles are attached to the cases and till the time the cases are not solved, these vehicles cannot be auctions. After obtaining a court order, such seized vehicles are auctioned off to recover money. Every year, many such vehicles are written off. There are several cases that have been filed against the cops for handling their vehicles in the wrong manner. However, such vehicles are sold off at a very cheap price and there are many who keep a close eye on such cars to bid whenever a good deal comes out.