Virat Kohli’s first ad for the Hero Xtreme 200R: Do not imitate! [Video]

Hero recently appointed the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, as its brand ambassador. Now, in the first ad campaign, Kohli is his usual aggressive self as he promotes the new Xtreme 200R, which was launched earlier this year.

In the 60-second ad, Kolhi lip-syncs over a rap soundtrack, which tells the story of the craziness of everyday city life on the roads. Kolhi’s first encounter with the daily madness of the city commute sees him cut past an overly aggressive SUV driver in a multi-storey car park.

Kohli and the Xtreme 200R then encounter a bunch of racers at an intersection. The Indian captain lets them take off first before he puts Hero’s flagship into gear and roars past the racers after, of course, impressing a lady along the way.

In the final situation shown in the ad, two trucks block traffic behind them as they travel side by side on a two-lane bridge. Kolhi and the Xtreme 200R accelerate through the gap in between the trucks and zoom ahead as the rap soundtrack tell viewers to cut and tear through fear.

Virat Kohli’s first ad for the Hero Xtreme 200R: Do not imitate! [Video]

The ad then cuts to show off the various highlights of the new Xtreme 200R including the new 200-cc engine, the 130-mm rear tyre, dual disc brakes with ABS, and the 7-step adjustable monoshock rear suspension. The ad then finally cuts off with Kolhi staring into the camera with a rather aggressive look on his face as the Xtreme 200R’s campaign slogan ‘Fear Nothing’ ends the ad.

Kolhi’s new ad campaign for the Xtreme 200R sees the Indian captain at his aggressive best. However, the ad itself, despite featuring the usual “performed by professionals” warning, shows Kohli engage in some rather dangerous moves on the bike, which is not something we recommend you do, when you ride a bike.

The Xtreme 200R is being positioned as more of a premium commuter bike rather than an out-and-out performance bike like the Pulsars and Apaches. The new Xtreme 200R marks Hero’s return to the 200-300-cc segment. It will soon be followed by the arrival of the Xpulse 200 in the coming months.