Virat Kohli and his adorable dog Mojo enjoy time together in a new Audi Q7 TVC

German carmaker Audi has released a new TVC with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. The new TVC which celebrates the festive season and spending time together with the ones you love sees Kohli and his labrador named Mojo spend time together this festive season.

The new television commercial kicks off with Kohli behind the wheel of what appears to be an SUV from the Audi range with Kohli turning his head slightly and stating “Hi, Mojo.” Kohli then asks Mojo if he’s okay before asking the SUV’s infotainment system to call Jaspal who he speaks to about some flowers. He then picks up a call from ‘Twinkle aunty’ after informing Mojo about who’s calling. He then replies to his aunt’s question about the ladoos stating that he has picked them up.

A dhol then starts to play in the background as the words ‘Audi presents It’s That Time of the Year again’ flash on the screen. Virat then starts speaking as images of flowers decorative lights and laddoos stating “There is something about October. Despite all the chaos you can’t not like it.”

The video then shifts toward the Q7 SUV and we see Kohli continuing his drive with Mojo as he continues to talk from behind the wheel stating, “Mostly I just look forward to spending some time with this one.” He then points towards the rear seat of the car where Mojo is revealed to be his dog.

Kohli then talks about how Mojo loves to get out of the house as the shaggy pooch appears to watch a Le Mans race on one of the Q7’s rear digital displays. Kohli states that Mojo loves going for long drives in the Q7 and always sits on the left seat at the rear watching the pigeons. After arriving at the destination, Kohli then gets his lovable pooch out of the SUV to spend some quality time with him on the green lawns without the hindrance of a leash. As Kohli enjoys time with man’s best friend, another slogan flashes on the screen – ‘More time with the ones you love, this festive season.” The TVC ends with the Q7 being driven down a long road with forests on either side with #TogtherWithAudi flashes on the screen.