Vitara Brezza Petrol proves that BIGGER is better: We explain

The winds of change are here. The world is moving away from diesels and towards petrol cars and so is India, especially with the advent of BS6 emission norms. Always a first mover, Maruti Suzuki – India’s largest carmaker – has gone a step ahead with the best-selling Vitara Brezza.

Maruti Suzuki has done this by offering not just the largest petrol engine for the SUV but also one that’s fitted with the segment-first Smart Hybrid technology. The result is a heart that’s truly BIG yet very efficient.

Let’s go through the various facets that make the Vitara Brezza’s new petrol engine special, and a cut above the rest.

What powers the new Vitara Brezza?

Vitara Brezza Petrol proves that BIGGER is better: We explain

A BIG petrol engine that also happens to be the only 1.5 liter-4 cylinder unit in its segment, one that’s larger than everything offered by the competition. This is a big deal.

The naturally aspirated K-Series motor is a tried and tested engine available on a range of cars such as the Ciaz and Ertiga. The engine puts out 105 PS of peak power and 138 Nm of peak torque. There are two gearbox options on offer: a 5-speed manual that’s quite sporty and a 4-speed torque converter automatic that’s highly regarded for its high refinement and convenience levels.

Let’s understand why this engine and gearbox combinations work so well for India’s best-selling compact SUV.

Here’s Why BIG is better.

Reiterating it, the Vitara Brezza is the only SUV in its segment to offer a 1.5 liter-4 cylinder petrol engine which is the biggest in the segment. Let’s break this down.

A big petrol engine means more torque at all rpms. This translates into fewer gearshifts, and fewer gearshifts mean better fuel efficiency. The Brezza delivers a class-leading fuel efficiency number of 18.76 Kmpl, and ARAI has duly certified this. There’s power available across the rev range and no turbo chargers to interrupt the refined nature of power delivery.

BIG means low stress

The bigger the engine, the lower stress it feels at higher speeds and you really have to drive the Vitara Brezza at highway speeds to feel how smooth and refined the engine is at all rpms. An engine that is not stressed is a happy engine, and this translates into better fuel efficiency, which we have already detailed above.

Also, in the long run, lower stress levels mean a longer engine life. Don’t be surprised if the Vitara Brezza Petrol goes on for lakhs of kilometres before needing major attention. That’s how critical stress levels can be for an engine, and if you’re looking for SUV that you can drive for a decade without having to worry about engine life, the Vitara Brezza Petrol is your best bet.  

BIG means refinement

A relaxed engine is an engine that gets the job done without having to exert itself. Low exertion means lower noise and better refinement levels at all rpms. This also means a cabin that’s very quiet. In fact, you can barely hear the Vitara Brezza’s engine on the inside at idle. Don’t believe us. Head to the nearest Maruti Suzuki ARENA dealership, and experience the superior NVHand refinement levels of the all-new Vitara Brezza’s Petrol engine for yourself.

You can even ask owners who have experienced the same engine for thousands of kilometres. They will happily agree that their cars are barely audible at idle. And as speeds mount, the big engine’s relaxed nature ensures that refinement levels continue to stay high. 

BIG means reliable

Vitara Brezza’s engine is a tried and tested unit, and has done lakhs of kilometres on other Maruti Suzuki cars such as Ciaz and Ertiga. So, reliability is a given.

What many won’t tell you is that the Vitara Brezza Petrol comes with the most reliable engine-gearbox combination offered on automobiles since decades: the naturally aspirated petrol engine mated to a torque converter gearbox. You can’t go wrong with this combination; it offers the smoothest drives with near imperceptible gearshifts.

Also, torque converters are known to last for lakhs of kilometres. And no, they do NOT overheat in traffic like some new-fangled automatic transmissions do. If peace of mind is what you seek, you’re looking at the right option.  

Finally, the party trick: Smart Hybrid technology 

Vitara Brezza Petrol proves that BIGGER is better: We explain

Vitara Brezza Petrol is the only compact SUV in its segment to offer Smart Hybrid technology, a power train that takes stress off the petrol engine during acceleration by assisting it. Even when you brake or decelerate, its regenerative braking function ensures that the dual battery setup gets recharged, thereby minimizing the load on the engine’s ISG*. All of this happens so seamlessly that you won’t even realize what’s going on. The Smart Hybrid technology is available in the automatic variant only.

How does this matter to you? Well, this Smart Hybrid technology helps lower fuel consumption and boost performance– it is clever engineering by Maruti Suzuki which ensures that the BIG petrol engine is the most fuel-efficient in its segment. Great fuel efficiency means lower tail pipe emissions, which means cleaner air for you, and for everyone around you.

What are you waiting for? Head out to your nearest ARENA dealership today and take the Vitara Brezza Petrol for a spin. You’ll see what we are talking about.

*ISG, known as Integrated Starter Generator, replaces a conventional alternator in Vitara Brezza’s Smart Hybrid Petrol engine.