Vizag police uses road roller to destroy 631 illegal silencers

Using illegal silencers on motorcycles is a widespread problem across the country. While such aftermarket exhausts are banned to use on public roads, they can be used around in private places like a race track. The police force in Vishakapatnam has seized more than 600 aftermarket exhausts and used a road roller to destroy the silencers.

The Vizag city police seized a total of 631 aftermarket exhausts from different parts of the city. They were all collected at one spot on Sunday. Road roller was called to destroy these aftermarket illegal silencers. According to the police, it is a symbolic gesture to send a message and spread awareness against noise pollution.

The police said that the use of such aftermarket exhausts has increased by multiple folds in the past few years. High-end motorcycles owners prefer using such aftermarket exhausts to draw attention.

Vizag police uses road roller to destroy 631 illegal silencers

The Vizag police have formed a special team to crack down on such illegal vehicles that used aftermarket exhausts. The police also added that the youngsters have become so crazy about the new fad that they now buy silencers before choosing the motorcycle. The police seized the motorcycles. The owners could only take back the motorcycles after they bring in the original exhaust system and install it on the motorcycle. Police say that most of the motorcycles seized were Pulsar, Royal Enfield and a few other high-end models.

The objective behind destroying the aftermarket exhaust in public view was to ensure that these can never be re-used. Also, it was to send a message to the youngsters.

Road rollers have been used before

This is not the first time that the traffic police have cracked a whip on the Royal Enfield owners. In the past, the cops have even seized these exhausts on the spot and collectively destroyed them using road rollers.

In Mumbai, the cops even came out with a special device to cut these aftermarket silencers and destroy them. It is a major menace across India and the cops from different states and UTs keep on taking action against such installations every now and then.

Not all aftermarket exhausts are illegal

It should be noted that not all aftermarket exhausts are illegal. If the exhaust complies with the rules and regulations and meets the sound output requirement, it can be used on public roads. However, if an exhaust is louder than the permissible limit, the cops are bound to impose challans and may even seize the motorcycles. Even the superbike riders have faced the same issue and many owners have received hefty fines for installing aftermarket exhaust systems.

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