Vladimir Putin’s brand new presidential car is an absolute BEAST

It’s not just the US President that rolls in a custom-made highly luxurious armoured limo. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin has his own bespoke armoured luxury car. Known as the Cortege Aurus, this car was developed over a period of more than 5 years.

Russia’s Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute developed this vehicle in cooperation with Sollers JSC, which is a Russian holding company that has stake in many Russian car companies. The new vehicle replaces the armoured Mercedes S600 Pullman that Russia’s Federal Protective Service (FSO), earlier used. The Cortege armoured car for President Vladimir Putin has been developed completely in Russia. However, it’s said that Bosch and Porsche were closely involved with the development of this car.

This car looks really stately and even has some resemblance to the Rolls Royce Phantom. Powering the Cortege is a 4.6-litre V8 turbocharged petrol engine that has been supplied by Porsche. This engine outputs a maximum power of 592 bhp along with a peak torque of 880 Nm. The engine comes mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission that has been developed in Russia. The car weighs over five tons, which is largely due to the weight of the armour.

Like almost all Presidential limos, Vladimir’s Cortege has been heavily armoured. It’s said that the car can offer protection from light artillery, grenade blasts and machine gun bullets. It also comes with its own oxygen supply unit that can be used in case of a chemical attack. The car also carries spare blood for emergency use. It features run-flat tyres, which help the car to continue driving even on punctured tyres.

We are yet to get more information about all the features of the car’s interior. However, the interior is said to offer many comfort- and convenience-enhancing features. It offers high-end connectivity features, too. For security reasons, all the features and specifications of this car will be never revealed. However, the Cortege platform will be used for the development of more cars such as MPVs, saloons and SUVs. These vehicles will be used by high-ranking officers and ministers in the Russian government.

Images – The Drive