Story behind Vladimir Putin’s Presidential car – Aurus Senat – on video

President of a country is the most important person. The President’s around the world move in a convoy and most of the time, they travel in a specially built car for security reasons. Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who is considered one of the most important leader in the world also uses a special vehicle. He uses an Aurus Senat Limousine as his official vehicle. He is the first president of Russia to use a car that is developed in Russia. He was using a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman and it was replaced with the Aurus Senat Limousine in 2019. Here we have a video that shares story behind the Presidential car of Russia.

Aurus Senat is a very special car for Russia. It was a car that was specially dsigned for Vladimir Putin. Previous Presidents of Russia were using Mercedes, Rolls Royce cars as their official vehicles. Even Vladimir Putin was using a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In 2012, Vladimir called the minister of Industry and Trade and asked them to build a car. The car that they were planning to build was based on Unified Modular platform which can accommodate differnt body styles other than a limousine.

The goal of the car was to satisfy the unique requirements of the president while meeting the wants of luxury car buyers in retail market. The Aurus Senat used by Vladimir Putin gets safety features like armoured body, bullet proof windows, reinforced tyres, automatic fire extinguishing system, secure-line communication system and so on.

Story behind Vladimir Putin’s Presidential car – Aurus Senat – on video

The development project was given to Nami Institute which developed the first Soviet automobile. After Peristroika Nami was not actually in a state to actually develop a car, that too for their president. When they were assigned with this project, they started from scratch and build a new team for it. They hired young specialist and market research was done to know what people actually wanted in a luxury car.

The design of the Aurus Senat may remind some of Rolls Royce cars but, the front grille was actually inspired from ZIS 110 which was the first luxury car produced in Soviet union. The overall design of Aurus Senat was in fact inspired from this luxury car. Initially it got a long bonnet to give it a luxury car look but, later on the design was tweaked. After several discussions and concepts they slowly started making progress.

Other luxury car manufacturers started looking at them as competitors and that was an achievement for the developers. The car uses an engine that generates over 600 Hp and in the video it says that the character of the car changes depending up on the throttle input. After developing the car, it went through several tests and crash tests to ensure safety. Before the Aurus Senat was opted as the official president’s car, it had to got through tests to meet at least 60 criteria. On May 7, 2018 Vladimir Putin officially used Aurus Senat limousine. A civilian version of the car is also available in the Russian market. The whole development of this Aurus Senat took around 5 years which is great considering the type of product they’ve come up with.

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