Vlogger converts Maruti Eeco into a camper van [Video]

Caravanning or camper van concept is actually a concept quite popular in the west but in India, such trends started catching up only recently. We have several videos available online where vloggers have converted their cars into a camper van or caravan. Recently, a German couple who have been on the road for 12 years in their modified Mercedes 911 truck were also featured on our website. They had converted their truck into a house. In India, we have several garages in different parts of the country that modifies regular cars into caravan or with other camping equipment. Here we have one such video where the owner of a Maruti Eeco has converted his van into a camper van in a budget.

The video has been uploaded by Life2Explore on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about all the modifications that he has made to the van to make it suitable for camping. The vlogger mentions that he did not take his car to any modification garage for this conversion but, he took help from a local carpenter. He bought the 5-Seater Maruti Eeco in 2018 and then did all the modification work.

From the outside, there are no changes on the car. It is only the rear seat and boot that has been modified. The bench seats in the 5-seater version of Maruti Eeco was removed from its original position and was pushed to the rear. This created more space in the front. Just behind the driver and co-driver seat, he installed a custom made wooden box which he uses as storage compartment. The space under the seat that has been pushed to the rear has also been converted into a wooden.

The wooden box at the rear is actually being used a pantry and also has compartment to keep his stove and gas canisters. The space left in between the seat and the wooden box behind the driver seat is joined using 4 wooden planks. They slide into the channels properly creating an even surface. Owner has gone for custom made mats which he uses over the wooden planks to transform the cabin into a bed room. There is ample space in the cabin for three people.

Vlogger converts Maruti Eeco into a camper van [Video]

The water cans are placed on the co-driver seat when the bed in completely opened. There is ample space under the bed to store things. This is the 5-seater version with AC which means, the passengers can comfortably enjoy the trip. He has also made arrangements for toilet and also installed a foldable wooden stand to keep water bottle while parked. He mentions that due to tall design of Eeco, a person can easily sit inside without actually folding the bed.

He mentions that the setup on his car is quite simple and if at any point, any one wants to restore the vehicle back to its original form, then that can also be done within short amount of time. All the modifications made on this Eeco are not permanently fixed. The work done on this Eeco looks very neat and the owner mentions that he is usually on the road exploring mostly southern part of India.