Vlogger trying to be Ghost Rider on a Bajaj Pulsar 220 is absolute STUPIDITY [Video]

Remember Nicolas Cage in the 2007 fantasy movie Ghost Rider? In that movie, the actor Nicolas is shown as a character based on Marvel Comics. Apart from some mind-blowing stunts in the movie, the actor uses a cruiser bike that starts to literally burn and engulfed in flames when he turns into the Ghost Rider and those are the scenes that most of us remember. Well, here is a vlogger who has tried to recreate the same bike in India and we must say that you should not even think of doing such an act without proper help from experts.

The video that was uploaded by Mr Indian Hacker shows that a Bajaj Pulsar 220 has been used to show the Ghost Rider bike. To make the tyres engulf in flames, they use two separate cloth pieces. They wrap the tyres with the cloth pieces and then soak the cloth in petrol. It should be noted that petrol is highly volatile and flammable and such experiments can go wrong very quickly.

After the bike starts to move, the fire can be seen on both the tyres. However, the fire looks uncontrollable and engulf almost all of the bike. Both the riders, who were aboard the bike jump for their lives only after going ahead for about 10-20 metres. Even the grass surface can be seen on fire as the bike passes over it.

The other people who were at the spot started pouring water and dirt on the fire to control it and after some time, they were able to control the fire. The video also shows that they restart the bike and take it around in the open field with the tyres smoking.

Vlogger trying to be Ghost Rider on a Bajaj Pulsar 220 is absolute STUPIDITY [Video]

There is no safety equipment used by the vlogger and his team in this video. They are just wearing regular home clothes while performing a dangerous stunt and they could have caught fire as well. Also, there is no fire extinguisher and they are only using water and dirt to put out the fire, which can mean that it can be extremely dangerous. Also, the bike could have caught fire and caused a lot of damage.

Most of such dangerous-looking stunts are performed by professionals who take all the necessary safety precautions including wearing a fire suit. However, in the modern days, all these dangerous-looking stunts are made on Computer-Generated-Imagery or CGI. If you ever come across the thought of doing such stunts on your own, always check for behind the scene footage to know how much safety precautions they take for every single stunt that you see on the silver screen and why you cannot replicate these precautions on your own.

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