Vlogger installs 20 inch TV inside a Maruti Baleno hatchback [Video]

For every car that is currently available in the market, there are aftermarket accessories and modification options. We have seen several examples of tastefully modified vehicles. Some car owners like to do customisations on their own. Some modify the exteriors while others customise the interiors. These DIY customisations are not always a success but, that does not mean, they are not worth doing. Here we have a video where a vlogger shows how he installs a 20 inch monitor into his car for entertainment of the rear seat passengers.

The video has been uploaded by Rajat Anand on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows how he came up with an idea to install 20 inch TV or entertainment screen for rear passengers in his Maruti Baleno. He shows the whole process on how he executes the plan. He starts by showing the Samsung monitor which he plans to install in the car. Initially he had planned to install it slightly above the front seat. The problem with that position was that, it will obstruct the view of the driver and would also create a partition between front and rear seats.

Then he decided that he will be installing the screen on the front armrest. This modification was done without drilling any holes or making any changes to the existing set up in the car. The screen used in the video is an old LED monitor which is heavier than many of the new screens that are available in the market. It is also not a smart TV so he uses a chromecast which would allow him to stream through content online. As the screen is heavy, it needs an additional support. Otherwise, it would just fall off the armrest.

Vlogger installs 20 inch TV inside a Maruti Baleno hatchback [Video]

To ensure that the screen sits in one place, the vlogger gets a thick piece of metal rod. Bends it using the equipment that was with him and shapes it in such a manner that it can act as a stand or support for the screen. The lower part or the leg of the stand slips into the channel under the front seat. This does not interrupt the sliding movement of the seats in any manner. The top of the stand where the TV is placed has a hole drilled in it. The screen is mounted on the metal bar using a screw and it sits neatly on the armrest. This is a detatchable set up and is more convenient.

The screen sits neatly and the vlogger also shows that, there is enough leg space and knee room for passengers sitting in the rear seats. This is not the first modification vlogger has done to his Baleno, he had already installed a UPS inverter in the car. There are 3 pins placed on the center console and also for rear passengers. The screen is connected to one of these AC sockets and this helps to turn the screen on. As there is chromecast plugged to the screen already, all he has to do is connect it to the phone wifi and start streaming.

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