Vlogger builds self-balancing one wheel electric scooter at home, shares instructions on build

When we think of vehicles, the picture that comes into our mind is of a motorcycle, scooter or a car with two or wheels. Wheels are the most important part of these vehicles as they make lives easier and also act as a balancer but, now there are several creators around the world who are trying to recreate the whole experiencing of motoring. They have come up with scooter and motorbikes that use only one wheel instead of two. In India, we have a creator who made a one-wheel self balancing electric scooter. How did he built it? Well, let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Creative Science on their YouTube channel. The video shows how this one wheeled self balancing electric scooter was made from scratch. He starts by drawing the basic structure of the scooter on a cardboard. This way he will get a mold of what he is planning to build plus if anything goes wrong with the design, he can always make corrections to the cardboard. Making changes on metal sheets is much more hard.

Once the vlogger finalised the cardboard design. he shifted to metal. He took a large metal sheet and copied the cardboard design on to it. Then he cut the sheets using a tool and welded the pieces together to make the arch for the wheel. The wheel used in this scooter is a broad wheel with hub motor in it. Vlogger mentions that wider wheels are easier to balance than sleeker ones.

A seat was also made from metal sheets and under the seat, there was a storage to keep the battery pack that powered the scooter. The fairing was then made from metal sheet and it had a design that resembled with old scooters. The handlebar and the headlamp unit was borrowed from a scooter only. A bracket was then made from metal to fix the wheel and a metal pipe was fabricated to make a rod that hold the handle bar in place.

Once all the work was done, a self balancer sensor was introduced to the scooter. The balancer is actually the most important component of this creation. As the name suggests, this component is what helps the scooter stay up even though it has one wheel. It is very important to install the sensor properly and it should not move around as it would affect the overall calibration of the scooter. He wires from the wheel were connected to the sensor and a set of wires from the sensor where then connected to the throttle cable.

Vlogger builds self-balancing one wheel electric scooter at home, shares instructions on build

Once this work was done, the panels were taken down and the whole scooter was given a paint job. The scooter got a coat of primer and above than yellow colour was sprayed on it. The sharp metal edges on the scooter were covered using a pipe. Overall, the scooter was a success and it can be seen being driven on the road without any problem. It does look very odd but, surprisingly it works. The sensor installed in the scooter restricts the scooter from falling to the front or to the rear. Best part about this video is that the vlogger built this one-wheeled electric scooter at home without using any state of the art modern technologies.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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