Vlogger shows simple trick to protect Royal Enfield motorcycles from thieves [Video]

Vehicle theft is very common thing in India and we have seen several videos where thieves show cops how they steal vehicles. Royal Enfield motorcycles have been a popular motorcycle among buyers and for the same reason, it is a popular choice among thieves as well. Thieves are also updating themselves and are coming up with new ways to steal vehicles. Recently a motorcycle thief who was caught by cops showed cops how he used to steal Royal Enfield bikes in just under 60 seconds. If you are a Royal Enfield Bullet or a Classic 350 owner and are worried about the safety of your bike, here we have a video that shows a simple trick that would help you keep your motorcycle safe from thieves.

The video has been uploaded by MUNDODI VLOGS on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about a simple trick that he has been following for over 6 years to keep his Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle safe. He demonstrates the simple trick in this video. The vlogger unlocks the handle bar and removes the key from the motorcycle. In such a situation, a thief would normally break the handle lock using force and then connect the ignition wire. Once he has connected the wire, he can either start the motorcycle using the self start button or kickstart.

In order to make things difficult for thieves, what vlogger does is that he opens the tool box panel using his key and locates the fuse box and removes the 15 Amp fuse which is used for the Ignition. H leaves the fuse inside the tool box and closes it. When he comes back, he puts the fuse back into the fuse box and starts the bike like he does normally. The advantage of removing the fuse is that it breaks the connection to the Ignition switch.

Vlogger shows simple trick to protect Royal Enfield motorcycles from thieves [Video]

Even if a thief targets this motorcycles and breaks the handle lock and tries to play with the ignition wire, he cannot start the motorcycle. In normal cases, a thief won’t spend more time with one motorcycle as the chances of him getting caught will increase. Once he realises that the motorcycle is not starting, he will not look for the exact reason but, would simply leave the motorcycle alone. Vlogger demonstrates the whole process and shows that the bike does not start at all. Removing fuse and putting it back regularly won’t have any effect on the motorcycle. Vlogger mentions that he has been doing it for a very long time.

We have seen several tricks to protect the motorcycle and this one is different from them. He also mentions that a separate kill switch that cuts the power supply to Ignition can be installed inside the tool box but, he would not recommend doing if you are not good with electrical connections. Such alterations would also make the warranty of the vehicle void. Vlogger also mentions that the owner can install a disc lock, wheel lock or even install GPS on the motorcycle to protect it from thieves.

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