Teen puts red beacon on father’s Volkswagen Ameo & drives it for Tik-Tok ‘Lal Batti Challenge’: BUSTED

With the rising number of viral videos on social media platforms, youngsters do desperate things to get views. In Gurugram, Haryana, a 17-year old boy did something illegal to his father’s vehicle and was then detained by the cops. The Tik Tok user ordered a red beacon to make viral videos. It is illegal in India and the cops detained the underage kid.

Teen puts red beacon on father’s Volkswagen Ameo & drives it for Tik-Tok ‘Lal Batti Challenge’: BUSTED

The teenager wanted to participate in the viral video ‘laal batti waali gaddi ke the sapne mere’ on Tik Tok social media app. The video has become viral on the Internet with aspirational hashtags like #UPSCMotivation and #IAS. The song that mean ‘I had a dream for a car with a red beacon’ is trending on the Internet and the teenager wanted to increase his followers by participating with the car. The videos with the song show cops making way for the car with a red beacon to show respect.

The teenager ordered the red beacon from an aftermarket shop and installed it on his father’s Volkswagen Ameo without his knowledge. The teenager started shooting the video near Atul Kataria Chowk. In Gurugram, the lockdown relaxations are from 7 AM to 7 PM during which only a few checkpoints are operated by the police. The cops spotted the white car with red beacon approaching them and since the red beacon is not allowed to be used by the public or government officials, the cops suspected the appearance of such a car. The cops also said that they usually get information on any VIP movement much before it happens.

The teenage, who was making the video from inside the vehicle while driving the car hoped that the cops will give him side and let him go after spotting the red beacon. However, the cops waved him to stop. The teenage panicked and tried fleeing from the spot but the cops managed to stop him. The cops seized the car with the red beacon and handed the child to the Sector 14 Police station. The cops found that the vehicle is registered under his father’s name.

The cops called the parents and asked them to be present in the police station. A fine of Rs 7,500 was handed to the parents for speeding and underage driving. The parents were also warned that if they allow the teenager to drive the car without a valid license again, they will be booked. The boy also wrote an apology saying that he will not repeat his mistakes.

It should be noted that only emergency vehicles and security cars are allowed to use beacons in India. All other citizens including the Prime Minister and President of India are not allowed to use any kind of beacons on their vehicles.

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