Volkswagen cars will never compromise with safety for lower prices: Brand director

In recent years, there’s been a notable shift in what Indian car buyers look for in their new rides. The focus has moved from just fuel-efficiency and price to safety, quality, and features. This change has led carmakers to re-evaluate their priorities, and one name that has stood out is Volkswagen.

Volkswagen cars will never compromise with safety for lower prices: Brand director

Volkswagen, renowned for its commitment to safety, has raised the bar even higher with its recent achievements. In the 2023 Global NCAP results, Volkswagen’s Virtus and Taigun models received the prestigious 5-star safety ratings. This accomplishment underscores the brand’s dedication to building cars that prioritize safety above all. Notably, the company’s “German build-quality” has become accessible to more buyers through its INDIA 2.0 models.

The shift in customer preferences hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially among Indian car buyers. People are willing to pay more for the assurance of safety, which is evident in the numbers. Volkswagen India’s sales have surged by an impressive 30 percent Year on Year in 2023 compared to July 2022. This surge isn’t limited to just one model; the Taigun’s demand has grown by 36 percent Year on Year in July 2023. And it’s not just the Taigun – similar positive increments are seen for the Virtus and Tiguan as well.

Volkswagen cars will never compromise with safety for lower prices: Brand director

Ashish Gupta, Brand Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, emphasized that the change is significant. He pointed out,

Safety is now among the top three buying reasons among customers. Earlier it used to be fuel-efficiency, maintenance cost and price. This shift is mirrored in the industry, as other carmakers now highlight their safety standards during new car launches, aiming to match Volkswagen’s reputation.

Volkswagen’s strategy to offer “premium accessible” cars has paid off with the success of the MQB-A0 platform and the INDIA 2.0 initiative. The Virtus and Taigun have found favor with the Indian audience. However, while these models have positioned the brand well in the market, the brand’s core direction still leans towards the premium end. According to Gupta, profitability and sustainability are paramount for any brand’s survival and growth.

Gupta explained,

Our focus is towards the premium segment and bringing in more cars from our global portfolio.

The aim is to maintain a strong market presence and ensure resources for future projects. While affordability remains a concern, Volkswagen’s sights remain set on the premium segment. Their journey to balance accessibility and premium quality continues to shape the Indian car market. In conclusion, Volkswagen’s commitment to safety, its achievements in the Global NCAP tests, and its strategic moves have earned the brand a notable place in the Indian market.

With safety becoming a key concern for buyers, Volkswagen’s dedication to delivering secure and high-quality vehicles has reshaped the landscape. The success of the Taigun and Virtus has set a positive tone, and while affordable options are valued, Volkswagen’s focus on the premium segment seems set to drive its future endeavors.