Volkswagen India MD Gurpartap Boparai clocks 50,000 Kms on his Triumph Thruxton superbike

Mr. Gurpartap Boparai, who is the managing director of Volkswagen India Private Limited loves to go touring. He has a Triumph Thruxton R. He recently clocked 50,000 kilometres on his motorcycle. This is a huge milestone as not many regular riders with such a superbikes reach these kinds of kilometer milestones. So, it is very rare that a man of this kind of stature, who is a managing director of such a huge automotive manufacturer puts so many kilometres on a superbike. Usually, people who buy such expensive and sporty motorcycles only put a couple of hundred kilometres. The pictures here have been uploaded by Triumph on their Instagram page.

If someone is able to put so many miles on an odometer, it means he is a passionate biker who loves touring. Not many people are able to put up so many kilometres on this kind of motorcycles. What is even more impressive is that the Thruxton R is not even a proper cruiser or an adventure tourer.

The regular Thruxton is a cafe racer motorcycle that comes from the Bonneville family of Triumph. Then comes the Thruxton R which is an even more committed and sportier cafe racer than the standard Thruxton. There is quite a difference between both the motorcycles. Where the regular Thruxton comes with an 865 cc, air-cooled motor, the Thruxton R gets a liquid-cooled, 1200 cc motor. The Thruxton produces 69 bhp of max power and a peak torque output of 71.8 Nm of peak torque whereas the Thruxton R produces 96 bhp of max power and a peak torque output of 112 Nm. Because of all that added power, Triumph also gives 4 piston callipers on R instead of 2-piston callipers on the regular Thruxton. This was done to enhance the braking abilities of the motorcycle. The tyre size was also increased from 100/90 to 120/70 for the front and the rear was increased from 130/80 to 160/60. This added the grip that was needed to handle all that power and torque.

Being a cafe racer, the motorcycle has a very committed riding triangle with low set clip-on handlebars and rear-set footpegs. It even gets bar-end mirrors which are not really considered best for touring. Staying true to the classic design the motorcycle gets retro-styled tail lamp with retro-styled turn indicators. Fortunately, it does get an LED headlamp that illuminates the road quite well during the night.

However, Gurpartap Boparai decided to get some touring accessories. He has opted for auxiliary lamps that come in handy when you are travelling during the night time. He has also installed a free-flow exhaust which would sound better and also improve the performance of the motorcycle. He has also installed a dual seat instead of a single cafe racer seat which is better for touring. We can also see a tank bag mounted on the fuel tank of the motorcycle. This comes in very handy as the rider can store his most used items in this bag and can take them out easily and then close the bag again. It also comes with a special pocket for the mobile phone.

Triumph also has their adventure tourer named as Tiger 900 which was launched this year only. Most of the people prefer an adventure tourer over a cafe racer because they are made specifically for touring and are a lot more comfortable than other body types. However, sometimes people just have to go, what their heart says and that seems like a case here.