Volkswagen India’s Extended Warranty Packs – All you need to know

Planning to buy a Volkswagen car in India? Well, you’d do well to go through the details of the Extended Warranty Pack that Volkswagen India is covering all its cars with, with an associated fee of course.


Do you need extended warranty?

German car maker Volkswagen is known for building solid cars that age well and that come with cutting edge features. However, the car maker’s Indian operation suffers from an indifferent dealership and after sales network. Not only are spare part costs high given Volkswagen cars’ high import content, many dealers representing the brand don’t have a reputation for excellent customer service too.

There have been more than a few cases of Volkswagen car buyers paying through their noses for many out-of-warranty repairs, making extended warranty a very important factor. Buying a car with the extended warranty add on transfers some of the electric and mechanical failure burdens to Volkswagen, that would otherwise cost a bomb to repair. In a nutshell, buying an extended warranty for your Volkswagen car will give you an additional layer of peace of mind.

All Volkswagen cars sold in India come with a 2 year and unlimited mileage warranty cover as standard. Volkswagen India is offering two extended warranty packages. Package one covers an additional year of warranty or 80,000 extra kilometers over and above the standard 2 year/unlimited kilometers warranty coverage.  Package two offers two additional years of warranty and 100,000 extra kilometers. 

Both the extended warranty packages can be bought at three different time lines. Buying the extended warranty at the time of the new Volkswagen car’s delivery is one time line, the other time line is between 12-18 months with the third time line ranging between 18-24 months. Notably, buying the extended warranty at the time of the car purchase works out cheapest while taking the extended warranty cover between 18-24 months of ownership works out the most expensive.