Volkswagen no longer ‘Das Auto’

A report by Reuters mentions that Volkswagen’s very famous slogan ‘Das Auto’ has been removed and will no longer be found anywhere close to the VW symbol in the company’s communication, advertisements, etc.

Volkswagen no longer ‘Das Auto’

The reason for the demise of the slogan which in English meant ‘the car’, is that it detracts from the new humility-led direction the company is following. Another source close to the agency mentions that the slogan isn’t dead yet but it’s unlikely to be used again. Only ‘Volkswagen’ will be accompanied with the logo from now onwards. The change will be made globally but in stages.

‘Das Auto’ was coined during the recently ousted VW top man Martin Winterkorn, and is referred to as pretentious by one of the anonymous managers present at a recent closed-door meeting in Germany.

Away from the Diesel Gate scandal that has tarnished the company’s reputation (but more importantly shown that they were cheating!), VW is widening its portfolio in India. A sub 4-metre (compact) saloon based on the Polo platform is on its way, and so is the hotter Polo GTI. The new Passat and the Tiguan (second generation) are also expected.