Volkswagen offers additional features at same price only this weekend

Volkswagen launched a limited edition model branded ‘Breeze’ for its two cars, the Polo and the Vento. The limited edition packs in features Volkswagen claims worth Rs 40,000 at no additional cost. So how attractive is this offer for potential buyers.

The new features that are being added in the Breeze edition for the Polo and Vento does include some attractive features: navigation system, park assist and seat covers among other things.

When CarToq spoke to dealers, they confirmed that the Breeze editions of Polo and Vento will be available in showrooms over this weekend. For those who were evaluating either of these cars, here is what is on offer.

Polo Breeze

The Polo Breeze edition is available only in the petrol version, but is available across all the three variants: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline.

volkswagen polo vento breeze limited edition

This limited edition car comes loaded with a Navon satellite navigation system, park distance control, leatherette seat covers, branded floor mats, branded luxury pillows and Breeze branding.

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Vento Breeze

The Vento Breeze is available in the petrol Trendline variant and in the diesel Trendline variant. This limited edition car comes loaded with features like a touch screen multimedia player with satellite navigation, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, branded luxury pillows and Breeze branding.

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What would be the value of these additional features?

According to our estimates, the satellite navigation system would cost around Rs. 10,000 if one bought it from a retailer. The leather seats would cost about Rs. 16,000 while the floor mats and luxury pillows would both cost Rs. 2,000 individually.

The features are worth Rs. 30,000, add to that labor charges and the total price comes up to Rs. 32,000. Add some more value to the warranty cost as the new equipment will be covered under warranty. The company is claiming Rs 40,000 value, which is not too far from this estimated value.

The new features does improve the value proposition, especially for Polo which has been seen reducing demand in the past 2-3 months. And Vento can compete more aggressively with Honda City and Hyundai Verna with these additional features.

The catch: Prospective customers must walk into Volkswagen dealerships on the 10th & 11th of September to book the limited edition Breeze. So you really have to make up your mind immediately.


The Breeze special edition will attract buyers who had been waiting for a dose of ‘exclusivity’.

While the special edition will quite attract the Polo base variant buyers, the Polo top-end variant buyers will certainly miss features like steering mounted audio controls that are offered in premium hatchbacks such as Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20.If Volkswagen could have launched the Polo with these features rather than a special edition with accessories, it would have been a warmer welcome among buyers.

When we look at the Vento Breeze edition we notice that it is available only on the base variant, suggesting that Volkswagen may have planned a brand building exercise to pull in more customers into the brand.

The Breeze editions will most likely help the company in increasing sales of Polo and Vento in the upcoming festival season.