BIG Volkswagen Polo accident in Indian movie: Behind the scenes

There is no denying the fact that stunts and action sequence make movies interesting. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or for that matter even regional movies. Similarly if we see a car chase scenes like the ones in James Bond movies or Fast and the Furious series, everyone who loves action sequences get immersed into such scenes. Some Indian movies also have great car action sequences in movies. One such video of an action scene that was shot for a recently released Malayalam movie has surfaced online and it shows how much effort goes in while shooting such a scene.

The video has been uploaded by Damocles Mallu on their youtube channel. The video shows a shooting set of a recently released crime thriller Malayalam movie ‘Forensic’. The accident scene that is being shot in the video is part of the climax sequence. In this scene a Volkswagen Polo hits an excavator that was parked on a highway for maintenance work at high speed and flips couple of times before landing upside down on the road.

The video shared above shows how exactly this was done. These stunts are done by experts under controlled environment. A ramp was build next to the excavator and some sand bags were also kept next to it so that the Volkswagen Polo can easily hit the ramp and take off. The ramp was placed in such a way that the car would lift up from one side and flip and at the same time will also move forward.

BIG Volkswagen Polo accident in Indian movie: Behind the scenes

For safety, the windshield on the Volkswagen Polo was removed completely. It is likely that the car also got a roll cage on the inside to protect the artist. The stunt artist might also be wearing a safety helmet. The whole road was blocked for this stunt and all the members of the crew were shooting from the other side of the divider for safety reasons. They had also put some sand on one section of the road so that the car can easily slide through if it lands upside down. Such stunts are extremely dangerous and needs to be done under expert supervision. There is a lot of effort that goes in while making an action scene but at times these efforts by stunt artists go unnoticed, which is actually a sad part.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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