Airbags of Volkswagen Polo deploy after hitting a massive POTHOLE [Video]

The Indian roads throw challenges to the motorists every day. While there is a lack of discipline among the majority of motorists, things like stray cattle, broken roads, illegal speed breakers and more of such things add up to make the situation worse. However, one of the biggest problems of the Indian roads is the potholes. While potholes can slow down the traffic and create huge jams on the roads, a few months back, several scooter riders fell due to potholes in Bangalore and a few of these falls also turned out to be fatal.

Now a new incident from Mumbai shows how much damage a pothole can do to the vehicle if it is at a high speed. Dezlan Chhoi, a resident of Mumbai hit a pothole at high-speed on the Freeway near Wadala. The result? The airbags of the vehicle deployed. Dezlan claimed that he was driving the vehicle at a speed of 20-30 km/h and could not see the pothole. The video which he has put up shows the pothole under the water, which is why it is difficult to spot. Potholes become quite dangerous this way as rain can cover them and hide their existence. This is why one should always slow down while passing over stagnant water on the roads, especially during the monsoon season. He also said that the total damage to the vehicle could cost around Rs 2 lakh!

Dezlan was driving a Volkswagen Polo hatchback. It is one of the hatchbacks in India, which is known for its sturdy build quality and rock-solid quality. The pictures that were put up by Dezlan Chhoi shows the vehicle has been badly damaged after getting into the pothole. He shared the story online and said that the vehicle’s rear tyre went inside the pothole. The pictures also show the deep pothole, which can be deeper than one foot. Dezlan claims that the depth to be around 12-15 inches. The video shows a few other vehicles going through the pothole too. A huge rock is also placed just in front of the pothole, which creates a bigger mess. A truck can be seen driving through it and the wheels of the truck really go through a bad time while tackling the massive pothole.

The rear wheel of the Volkswagen Polo went inside the pothole as per the driver of the car. The rear bumper can also be seen damaged. The Volkswagen Polo comes with twin front airbags as standard and both of them can be seen deployed in the video. While the airbag sensors may not have been hit when the vehicle went through the pothole, the high-intensity jerk to the vehicle must have triggered the deployment of the airbags.

Dezlan Chhoi also tweeted the videos and pictures of the road to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) but they replied saying that they have requested BMC Roads and BMC Ward department to attend this as this comes under their area.