Out-Of-Control Volkswagen Polo Crashes Into 6 Other Vehicles: Crazy Video Footage

out of control volkswagen polo kerala

Accidents happen on our roads every day. Some of these accidents occur due to the careless behavior of the driver or rider, while in other cases, they happen due to mechanical issues with the vehicles. In most accident cases, innocent people or road users who had nothing to do with the accident get affected. Here we have one such accident where a Volkswagen Polo that lost control crashed into not one or two, but six vehicles and injured several men on the road.

The video has been shared by Drive Smart on their X profile. The same accident has been reported by several regional news portals. The accident happened in Kerala’s Palakkad district’s Mannarkkad region at around 9:30 am in front of a restaurant on the National Highway.

The car, which was coming from the Malappuram side, had slowed down on the side of the road, and the driver was making a turn to enter the hotel. While trying to turn the car towards the hotel, the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle. The Volkswagen Polo hatchback hit a biker and then went ahead and crashed into other vehicles parked outside the restaurant.

We see the biker going airborne after he was hit by the car. Thankfully, he managed to avoid coming in front of the vehicle. The Polo then crashed into an autorickshaw, a Ford EcoSport SUV, and a Ford Fiesta or Classic sedan. Besides these, the car damaged several two-wheelers as well. In total, six vehicles were damaged in this accident.

The Volkswagen Polo finally crashed into a pillar of the hotel. The car was still out of control, but the pillar managed to bring it to a stop. If you look carefully, the front wheel of the car was spinning even after the owner or the driver got out. The driver escaped the accident with minor injuries.

Out-Of-Control Volkswagen Polo Crashes Into 6 Other Vehicles: Crazy Video Footage
Polo crashed into cars

The exact reason for this crash is not known. There are reports suggesting that the brake on this car had stopped working, which is why the driver could not stop it on time. However, if you notice, the car was accelerating even after it crashed into the pillar and other vehicles. If the car was only crawling, it wouldn’t have caused so much damage.

It is quite possible that the accelerator pedal of the car got locked or got stuck under the floor mat, which did not allow the driver to decelerate when he wanted to.

This resulted in the crash, as we see in the video here. The car hit a 14-year-old and a person accompanying him to the restaurant. Both of them narrowly escaped this crash. The owner of the car, along with the biker who was injured in this accident, were all taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The front of the Volkswagen Polo is completely damaged, but thankfully, the driver doesn’t appear to be injured. After the car crashed into the pillar, the driver came out of the vehicle on his own and checked if everyone was fine. He was seen walking without any issues to other people who gathered around him.