Volkswagen Polo Cup to be replaced by Vento Cup in 2015

With the passage of time, motor racing in India has been gaining popularity at a brisk pace. This growth has resulted in events that stand apart from the rest. One such event is that of manufacturers getting into competitive racing with One-Make Racing Series. The Polo Cup, which was introduced by Volkswagen back in 2010, has done its bit to give enthusiasts a taste of one-make racing.

Volkswagen Polo Cup to be replaced by Vento Cup in 2015
Volkswagen Vento sedan masquerading as a safety car

Volkswagen Polo Cup to be replaced by Vento Cup in 2015


Soon, the Polo Cup is set to become the Vento Cup.  The next season (which happens to be 2015) will see the Polos getting replaced with Ventos. The Vento could be slower off its feet compared to the outgoing Polo courtesy the additional weight it brings to the table. Under the hood will be a 1.4-liter TFSI motor whose power output is unknown at the moment.

The Polo cars will now be repositioned for support races that happen alongside the Vento Cup. These cars could also hit the Indian Rally Championship. The TSI motors in the Polo will be replaced by their TDI counterparts that would be manufactured at the Chakan facility.

Volkswagen Motorsport for its part, has denied commenting on this matter for the time being. For now, a Vento dressed up in an outfit similar to the Polo Cup-spec car has been caught doing rounds at the BIC. The car spotted featured safety car insignia. The changes inside the car remain unknown though

We’re waiting for that day when Volkswagen Motorsport in India transforms itself from being just a motorsport arm of the German brand to a high performance brand or a tuning house that actually sells cars with track honed performance additions. As and when that happens, the Polo and Vento Cup-spec cars will finally be within the reach of regular enthusiasts.

Source Overdrive