Check out these classy, customized Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks from Grid7 Customs [Video]

Grid 7 Customs is one of the better-known customization houses from Kerala. The Thrissur-based Customization garage has over the past month released videos showcasing its latest creations – two Volkswagen Polos that feature a host of upgrades that make them stand out from the crowd. So in this article, let’s take a look at these two custom Polos from Grid7 Customs.

WRC Grey Polo 6R

This Volkswagen Polo features a host of upgrades both cosmetic and performance-based that give this Polo the grunt to match its new looks. The body of this Volkswagen Polo has been given a custom grey paint job by Grid7 Customs. Other changes on the exterior of this German hatchback include 17-inch wheels that match the custom body. The Headlights and tail lights are both aftermarket LED units with unique light signatures. Also seen up front, are aftermarket fog lamps fitted onto the custom WRC front bumper. The rear bumper too is a custom unit.

The WRC Grey Polo 6R has been given a host of performance-enhancing upgrades. These upgrades include a Wolf Moto Performance Remap fo the diesel engine under the hood of this custom Polo along with a Grid& Diesel performance exhaust setup which sees two tailpipes exiting out of the centre of the rear bumper. This Polo has been lowered as with the help of Eibach lowering springs and the brakes have been upgraded with slotted rotors & pads from Brembo, which should help the car deal with the extra speed from the remapped engine.

Tantom Blue Magic Polo 6R

This customized Volkswagen Polo is owned by Muhammed Binshad and like the Grey hatch seen before features a host of performance and cosmetic changes. This Polo has been given a custom Blue paint job that really catches the light and looks extremely cool. This custom Polo features the front and rear bumpers along with the side skirts from the GTI hot hatchback. Other cosmetic changes include aftermarket headlights and taillights with the latter featuring a smoked effect. The Tatom Blue Polo sits on 17-inch Alloy wheels from Stance.

This Polo too features a host of Performance upgrades to go with the added exterior beautification. The Blue Polo gets a diesel performance exhaust and now sits closer to the ground thanks to the addition of Eibach lowering springs. The custom Polo also features Brembo rotors and pads for the brakes.

The Volkswagen Polo is an enthusiast favourite when it comes to modifications. Since it’s a global car, the Polo has a huge range of after market accessories available. From cosmetic enhancements to full-fledged performance parts, the Polo is a customizer’s delight.