Volkswagen Polo Facelift hatchback caught on-test in India

Volkswagen continues to test the facelifted Polo hatchback on Indian roads. Unveiled internationally, the facelifted Polo will be launched in India later this year. The facelifted version features mild stylistic changes in the form of new front and rear bumpers, a prominent chrome strip on the front bumper and new headlamps. Apart from these changes, the facelifted Polo remains pretty much similar to what is sold here currently. Volkswagen Polo Facelift hatchback caught on-test in India

While the European version of the Polo gains two new 3 cylinder engines in the form of 1 liter TSI turbo petrol and 1.4 liter TDI turbo diesel motors, the latter is a more likely addition to the Polo sold in the Indian car market. The 1.4 liter-3 cylinder TDI motor is available in a range of tunes, fro 75 Bhp-105 Bhp. On the new motor, torque goes up right from the base variant, to 210 Nm. The current Polo with the 1.2 TDI diesel motor outputs 75 Bhp-175 Nm.

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The 1.4 liter TDI motor is an upsized version of the 1.2 liter-3 cylinder engine and this upsizing has liberated additional power and torque while the 3 cylinder layout being retained ensures that a tight leash on fuel efficiency and tail pipe emissions is maintained. Although some reports suggest that the India-spec Polo will receive a 1.5 liter-4 cylinder TDI turbo diesel engine, the 1.4 liter TDI motor seems more likely given Volkswagen’s penchant of standardizing parts and platforms to the maximum extent possible.

While the international version of the Polo gets new features in the form of full LED headlamps, Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Braking and BlueMotion technology, the India-spec version could motor on without these features as adding them would sharply increase the price of the car. So, a mild refresh in terms of looks and a new turbo diesel engine that brings more performance to the table is what the Indian version of the Polo Facelift is likely to feature.